Root Stool


Bring an element of raw, unpolished nature into your space with the Root Stool. Each stool is made from a single teak tree root; a by-product material that is often discarded in mass production. After extracting the root, it is hand carved into the shape of a stool and then stained, creating an entirely unique, one-of-a-kind piece. Use the Root Stool as additional seating around the coffee table or in the hallway, or let it act as a beautiful side table in your living room or bedroom.

Please Note: This is a handcrafted piece. Variation in shape may occur. Colors may also vary due to the original color of the root. The Root Stool is made from the roots of teak trees. When the teak tree is processed at the sawmill, the roots are considered leftover or waste material. Each root is unique and will vary. 

Dimensions: Width: 11.81" | H: 15.75"

Materials: 100% teak. Black finish.  

Care: Do not place any liquids or wet items directly on the surface as this will stain. Clean by wiping with a damp cloth and dry off.

IN STOCK by 4/1/24

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