Italian Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil


100% Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, lovingly crafted in the heart of Puglia, Italy. Housed in a sleek and pristine bottle that reflects the purity within, this olive oil is a true masterpiece of Mediterranean flavor.

Sardel olive oil is meticulously crafted from the finest local Coratina olives, nurtured on centuries-old trees that have borne witness to Puglia's rich culinary heritage. We take pride in using only the freshest and most authentic ingredients to bring you a taste of Italy's pristine countryside.

What sets this olive oil apart is its remarkable balance of spice, fruitiness, and bitterness. This harmonious fusion of flavors enhances and elevates every dish it graces. Whether you're drizzling it over a crisp salad, using it as a marinade for your favorite meats, or simply dipping fresh crusty bread, our olive oil will transport your taste buds to the sun-soaked orchards of Puglia.

16.9 oz


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