Body Sponge


Ideal for a luxurious everyday skin care routine, Sea Sponges have a multitude of benefits for wellbeing. Suitable for body and face, offering a delicate massage and mild exfoliation. Sea Sponges are naturally hypoallergenic and have antiseptic properties.

Due to the nature of these natural sponges - size, shape, and color will vary slightly - small imperfections add to the uniqueness of each item.

Benefits: Proper deep skin cleanse | Sea Sponges are hypoallergenic and antiseptic and, if kept correctly, don’t develop mold or become smelly | Long lasting (up to 1 year) without losing their natural properties | Stimulating to the normal skin blood circulation | Will give you a bright and healthy skin and a nice freshness sensation after the shower

Recommended for all skin types. Ideal to be used with any soap/cleanser; put just a few drops on the wet sponge to create a soft and nice foam. 


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