Virtual Design

Expert advice to guide you through your interior or exterior projects. Virtual design is an amazing way to get answers to your questions, get product recommendations, or get a second opinion.

Do it yourself, with expert assistance.. where the hours, budget, and conversation is entirely focused on your project questions.

BOOK WITH LAURIE // if you're looking for placement and measuring guidance, layering tips, help with choice of materials, and other Interior or Exterior Design questions. Your resource for curating your space.

BOOK WITH CHRIS // if you're looking for process tips, product suggestions, quality and understanding of materials, finishes, and hardware. Your resource for technical construction questions or guidance. 

BOOK WITH A DESIGN TEAM MEMBER // if you’re looking for support and guidance on your design and build decisions or direction, and answer any of your questions in these consultative sessions. 

If you're looking for comprehensive design, see full service design.

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