Start here if you have a space that you already love or you know you don’t want to do construction, but want to inspire your space and elevate it for everyday living...

What’s Included

Style your space with layered decor, accent pieces, small art, planted vessels and textiles including pillows, blankets, towels or as needed. Styling does not include any furniture, large art, or rug placement.

Why Choose Styling

This service is best for you if you have a space that you already love or don’t want to do construction on, but want to infuse with texture and elevate for everyday living. 


Styling is done by room, with a 2 room minimum, $2500 minimum decor budget prior to placement. Budget is limited to decor, small layering pieces, pillows, bedding and small artwork. This does not include large rugs, furniture, or any construction. Rooms are charged as follows, plus the charge of all new styling pieces. 

By Room Pricing


Primary Bedroom

Additional Bedrooms

Primary Bathroom

Secondary Bathroom


Dining Room

Lounge & Living Spaces


Outdoor Spaces